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Saturday, May 08, 2010

I suck at blogging

I am about to start a new phase in this fight, I have decided to have lap band surgery. It still won't be easy but it will provide me with some ammunition to help me fight this war, I still have to learn to use the weapons to my advantage. I have seen both success and failure in people who have had the surgery, the difference being the work that each individual puts in to make it work.

I had a friend who thought she'd just have the surgery and the wake up skinny. She didnt really change her eating habits, she ate around the band. She never got her scheduled fills and someohow felt that the band didn't work, but she didn't put in any work.

I have more realistic expectations and I have been reading some incredibly inspiring blogs of people who had great success with the band and seen their frustration and their triumph. Although I havent found a good blog of someone who starting weight was as high as mine and I also hope to find more African American success stories. If I have to I plan to be a example of both of these the meantime I'll keep looking.

The reason the black thing is important to me is because so many in our community suffer from obesity and although I know the band isn't attainable for everyone, I would like there to be more examples that people can relate to culturally. The weight standard is different in the black community, in most cases the ideal bmi on the doctor's scale would be consider "too skinny".

I just want to be healthy and do things that most people take for granted...

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