Days since surgery

Friday, August 27, 2010

Got a new surgery date....finally!!

Hey guys thanks for forgiving me for being such a loser when it comes to blogging lately and I'm trying to get out of this funky cloud that's been following me around. I went to see my surgeon on Tuesday and he agreed to do the surgery, but they had to get a new authorization from my insurance company. Well yesterday I got the call and the surgery is set for the 8th and I am very happy with that.
There has been a lot of crazy stuff going on financially and personally and everytime I think of sitting down to write about it, it just overwhelms me. My surgeon (who I love) gave me the side-eye when I went in because in the 12 days since I last saw him I had gained 10lbs lol who the heck does that! Me that's who!
I'm guessing the water retention from my cycle and the pity party I threw last weekend complete with cookies and bored eating made this accomplishment possible. It rained all weekend here (well its been raining every single day) so I basically copped a squat on the couch, cried at everything and ate at random. As much as I love him I was gonna say Dr. Dietrick, don't gimme no shit I'm going through it right now man! And if I had a grip on this B.S. I wouldn't be in here stalking you! But luckily it didn't come to that.
It's funny cuz I feel those 10lbs too, not just in the whole clothes tight way but in a weighed down with burden kind of way. I am now like 4lbs under my known heaviest ever (but I didn't exactly weigh myself a lot) but I feel like I'm 20lbs over my heaviest, but I know that's because of the funk I am in.
So now I am back on the lovely pre-op diet, 2 protein shakes a day and 1 meal of meat and green veggies, the last time I lost like 23lbs in 12 days so I'm hoping for a repeat!
I am gonna share some of the reasons for my funkiness later I just wanted to share the good news with you patient people who have been so kind to me.

Later for now!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm still here

I'm still here I know I suck as a blogger...I will be back soon, I am in a funk and plus I'm packing to move, things are hectic. I haven't been a good blogger or even a good lurker, but I promise I will be back soon I do have some things to share, just can't make myself do it. I wish I could drive up to Orlando and see Grace and other bloggers this weekend, but I don't think I can swing it :( But I promise more soon, maybe even later tonight...if I have any people still reading don't give up on me yet!

Friday, August 06, 2010


Time for BYOC – a little diddy where you answer 5 questions in your blog so we all get to know each other better and to give your fried brain a break! Enjoy!

1. This is something a bit different and comes from my lovey dove Barbara (My NEW LIFE rules). It’s called “Which one would you rather?”

Tom Cruise
or Tom Brady?

Mr. Big (Sex and the City) or
Tony Little (exercise nut)?

Whoopi Goldberg or
Making whoopi?**

Can I say neither? I like Tom Cruise but he kinda weirds me out now and although I love football after what Tom Brady did to his baby mama it makes me think he's a douche. So I will take Katie Holmes or Bridget Monayhan(Tom B's baby mama). Yep I'd rather be a lesbian than choose between those dudes.
Most definitely Mr. Big, his swagger is unreal and although he can be typical sometimes overall i would take my chances. Tony Little is weirdly shaped and a bit scary.
Well as a person who has been living on self-imposed Celibacy Island for the last year I'd have to say making whoopi for $500 answer.

2. I know some of us have discussed this before but I’ve been thinking and hearing it more in blog land as many of you are getting closer to goal. How do you feel about plastic surgery? What lengths would you go to in order to achieve it?
** I'm all for it within reason, changing your face so that you no longer resemble your former self is ridiculous unless you are witness protection. Altering your looks to look like a celebrity speaks to self esteem issues I'm not down with. Cutting away a gazillion pounds of flab after you have done an kickass weight loss is your God-given right! Pulling the boobies up so your nipples stop getting lost in your navel or swiping your bikini line is awesome! So I'm all for plastic surgery and not just for weight loss if you can do something that makes you feel better about yourself and your view of yourself is not crazily skewed I say go for it.
I am prepared to sell a kidney or two, fulfill someone's flabby fetish or whatever it takes to have it because when I lose all this weight I know I will need it.

3. What’s your favorite website?
** This is hard I am a junkie, I like a lot design websites like Apartment Therapy and cooking sites like smitten kitchen, gotta have my gossip so People and Us mag sites as well.

4. What’s your best tip for having a great vacation?
Go somewhere your cell phone doesn't work especially if you have your kids with you, see if you can truly disconnect and enjoy.

5. Repeat question….which blog or comment stuck with you the most this week and why?