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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Final Pre-op appointment...Yippee

Well yesterday I had my gallbladder post-op and my lapband pre-op appointment. I am so excited, I start my pre-op diet on Friday, 2 shakes and one no carb meal, they said I could have a protein, green veggies and cottage cheese (no other cheese) and absolutely no carbs.
The gave me the spirometer for breathing after the surgery I have to bring it to the hospital with me and also they gave me the waste bucket for me to put in the needles I would need to use for blood thinner shots in the belly post surgery. I must say that out of everything that was described that gave me the most pause. My mom came as my support person she is excited for me as well.
The countdown is on 2 weeks from today I will join the bandster club and get a fresh start to a healthier me, I look forward to being a success story. I've been looking around and seeing the little things that everyone takes for granted that I hope to be able to do, walk in somewhere and not be forced to scrutinize seating options to see if I can fit in a chair. I live in the sunshine state and almost all of the restaurants have outdoor seating but they rarely have sturdy or armless chairs outside...DAMNIT I wanna eat outside too lol!
I picked up a 12 pack of muscle milk protein shakes although Ive never tasted them, but even if I dont like them I will suffer through because I dont have money to in the words of Tim Gunn I'm gonna make it work.

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