Days since surgery

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I know, I know

It has been a month since I last blogged and it's been pretty diet-wise, I had gotten up to 45lbs lost but with some yo-yoing I am sitting at 40lbs lost right now. My exercising has gone to the dogs and so has my journaling, every week I vow to buckle down but I don't. I have been under way too much stress, my boyfriend and I are somewhat broken up and my sister just lost a baby...she was 7 months pregnant
It's been horrible and my comfort has been usual...just not as much as usual. But I really must get back on the ball I can't go back to what I was.
But it's crazy because guys are flirting and it makes me can't be the weight loss because I am still way,way,way too fat. I think it must be because my confidence has gone up. Although now that I have been kinda stuck, it's not as high as it was....
Why is this so damn hard?