Days since surgery

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I am bad at this blog thing, I will say it again, although I am still maintaining this diet thing...I am down 42.2lbs as of last weeks weigh in and I feel alot differently. There are alot of days I wake up and don't feel I have lost a pound. I think it's weird that I still havent completely moved down a size, alot of my clothes are big, but some of them still fit.
I did actually buy a dress from Target a couple of weeks ago, so you are like "and....." but do you know how long it has been since I could buy something from a "regular" store, even the plus size sections that thankfully almost everyone has now. Things that most people take for granted are going to be big for me after having to shop almost exclusively in one store. Avenue is great and all but they have gotten way too much money from me.
Also the salon where I get spa pedicures have these really nice massage chairs and the arms lift up so u can get up in the chair, the last time I went to the salon I couldn't put the arm down, but I went last week and guess what.....I was like wow, those are the things that motivate you.
Last night I watched Oprah's Legend's Ball and I cried, but I thought how dare I be afraid to live the life God purposed when so many before me sacrificed so much for us to have the right to be anything we wanted to be. Fear didnt stop them and though I am getting a late start I am going to find my purpose and live my best life. How dare I waste most of my 20's and half of my 30's in a body that didn't represent my best self. Well it's all gonna change...