Days since surgery

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I am a sad blogger

Please forgive me, my intentions are good. Everyday i say I am gonna post and everyday I read other people's blogs and never make it to my own. Well the latest is that I have now officially lost 35lbs since 1/2/06 when I joined WW. Now I am weighing in tonight and it is my TOM so there may be a gain. I have been slacking on my working out too, when it's this time I don't feel like doing much.
I found out last week that I am anemic which explains why lately I have to drag myself kicking and screaming out of bed to do anything. Even though I am fat, I never used to veg out like I have been lately.
Yesterday I went to court, unfortunately I had to file for a child support order and the court date was yesterday. My son's father didnt show. Well I am expecting the panicked phone call as soon as he finds out how much he has to pay. He and I get along well, he is just bad at managing his money, so if I am not there when he cashes his check the money never gets to me. His intentions aren't bad though. I think this will work out because the money will be out before he even sees it.