Days since surgery

Friday, September 07, 2007

Still Alive and Still Fat

I know no one probably reads this and that's okay because I obviously hardly ever write anything. I am still not on the band wagon and I have gain all the pre-WW weight exempt about 5lbs. Other changes...

  • Kinda started seeing a new guy, I broke up with my ex but we are still really cool and still talk, neither wants to be the person that moves on first but we both know we have too. It's crazy because me and this guy have known each other for a while at work and always sent each other the occasional instant msg and then we started talking on the phone...and progress...but the thing is he celebrates my body and I am not comfortable with that, my ex was good about making me feel comfortable...but its hard to be comfortable with someone new.
  • 19 yr old co-worker has a crush and is pushing up hard...had a few flirt episodes but wants to take it further....but the new guy I am seeing is tall, smart and cute...I like him ALOT.
  • Reconsidering having the lapband surgery....I am tired of being fat.

Thats all I can think of right now...I am at work and have to get back to work...I promise I will write more later.....

Friday, February 16, 2007


I haven't been posting because I have fallen off the bandwagon, I am no longer going to meetings and I have gain all but maybe 15lbs back. I am trying to get it back together, I am back exercising I just have to get this food thing together. I realized during this time that am a sugar/carb's crazy! But starting this Sunday my family (Me, my mom and 2 sisters) are starting our own version of "The Biggest Loser". I have to iron out all the details before weigh in on Sunday, I will keep you guys posted.

I have been getting all sorts of attention from men lately, as a matter of fact a hottie actually tied my shoe the other day, while I was standing in line at a store. No my hands were not full and he did it so gallantly. I realized later that he works for my company and when I first got transferred to the office I am in now, I saw him and said "I am gonna like it here"and now I run into him again and he is on his knees in from of me...WOW!
I also have this 19 year old at work crushing on me. It's been crazy