Days since surgery

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm bored

It's weird because when I'm at work I wish I had more days off, but now that I have to sit home this week to recover, I almost want to be at work. I think it has something to do with being broke. I am sure when I am at work next week I will be kicking myself for the lunacy of this week.

I finished reading the book about Khaliah Ali and her lapband journey, it was a pretty good and it was weird because the book touched on something that I mentioned earlier in this blog, about how the goals between white patients and black patients are different. It mentioned that getting really thin is not a priority for many black patients and also not desired by their mates. It speaks to differences in culture.

I found out this week that Iman's daughter had gastric bypass surgery, I couldnt imagine the pressure of having a supermodel mom and being morbidly obese. My mom had my sister and I at a young age so she is very pretty and youthful and pretty and it does make difference in how you see yourself. I am anxious to get started on my journey, I turn 40 at the end of this year and I want to make some headway in getting this weight off by the time my birthday gets here. I have a long journey ahead but at least I will be on the right path. I am hoping when I go in for my gallbladder followup I can get my pre-op for the lapband scheduled.

I feel like I cheated myself out of alot of my 30's being trapped by my size and I feel that my son was cheated out of alot of possibilities as well. He is 12 now and I want to be able to do alot more things with him before he is an I aint wasting no more time!

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