Days since surgery

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm still here

I know it's bad, I just have been in a funk and I had every intention of joining Drazil on her Wish Wednesday bandwagon, but yesterday was kind of hectic and I didn't do it. Well I am going to post a pic from the weekend to show what I was up to Sunday. My sister is getting married on 10/10/10 and I am her maid of honor (although I was never asked to be). We picked out bridesmaids dresses Sunday and went to a new restaurant here called Brickhouse Tavern it was really cool but I swear the waitstaff and servers girls must've been instructed to find cutoff denim shorts from when you were 10 years old squeeze into them and that is your uniform. When it was time to bring the food to the table 4 came together each carrying a plate. I was like "whoa that's way too much coochie near the table". We also split a "beer bong" and no we weren't smoking dope its what they called the beer container which you see in the pic. I had chicken and waffles (so healthy I know) and it was really good and even better because they ended up comping it because there was a delay in serving it.

Other than that I still have not been getting much sleep I can't seem to turn my brain off and I haven't started getting back into any workout routine but i aim to change that, I think it will help with my sleep issues.

Thanks to everyone and welcome to my new followers. I am trying to stay positive about the whole delay in surgery issue, rationally I know it is for the best. I tell myself a lot of people have to wait for insurance approval, I didn't have that issue and when I do get that band I will have a better chance at success because my surgeon is being so thorough (Thanks Dr. Dietrick). It's funny that my surgeon's name almost looks like Diet trick. I have been using Drazil's mantra from the book she is reading "but it doesn't matter" to deal with a lot of other stressful thing

Well I will holla at you folks later.....PEACE AND HAIRGREASE!
p.s. Even reading this post you can see how my brain is all over the place...Adult A.D.D. (undiagnosed) at its finest.


Nella said...

I always have problems "turning my brain off"! I know what you are going thru! Love the pics and the beer bong! Too cool!

Pamela E. Williams said...

October 10th is my birthday!! So cool. I have the same problem getting to sleep. I have so much running through my mind. I'm trying not to get hooked on Tylenol PM to go to sleep.

amandakiska said...

Chicken, waffles, beer bongs AND too tight jean shorts? That sounds like red-neck heaven! Hope you get some sleep. Maybe you should take that beer bong home with you.

Cindylew said...

Thanks for posting...we miss you when you're gone buttercup.

Amaris said...

A beer bong?! How cool is that?

I certainly understand the trouble getting to sleep thing. I take some pretty powerful nighttime meds (bipolar), and sometimes I still have trouble shutting my brain off. Good luck getting a good night's sleep.