Days since surgery

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's on my plate

I have my first fill next week and I am anxious for it, I missed that feeling of satiation coming earlier rather than later and I am subsisting mostly on willpower, now don't get me wrong I can't eat as much as I used to but depending on the time of day 1 cup or less doesn't get me there. I don't expect the first fill to completely get me there either, but it will be a step towards getting me in to that good place.  Hmmmm, maybe I will be one of those people like Catherine and get to the sweet spot early and ride the wave to skinnydom.  Not!!!

Anyways this is my food plan for work today. 
Breakfast: Crustless quiche bite (adapted from Eggface) (I eat 1 or 2 depending) made with eggs, sausage, onions and cooked in a small muffin pan. So convenient, pretty much all protein, I'm gonna keep experimenting with ingredients I used what was on hand, next time add some green in it.
Snack: Chobani peach greek yogurt (good protein and my new love)
Lunch: Meatballs

I know you guys are probably like who maybe someone new to this banded thing may find it interesting....

Oh, I can finally tell I'm losing weight, it's been kinda funky because at times I couldn't feel it, I'm like damn you so fat that 35lbs gone and you can't even tell it, but I can't feel it and see it a little now. Yippee!!!!

Oh yeah, in other news, I totally sat my wide booty in an chair with arms and didn't have to sit at the very edge of the chair, I actually kinda sat back, I usually avoid chairs with arms at all cost, I carry a lot of weight in the hip region, family curse/blessing. Now mind you, you probably couldn't  have buttered a piece of notebook paper and slid it along side of me, but the point is my arse was in the chair, and I take the victories as they come. 
Next up, getting rid of my seatbelt extender!


amandakiska said...

LOL - "I'm like damn you so fat that 35lbs gone and you can't even tell it". I can so relate!

I noticed that around 40 lbs. down people started really noticing. Now people comment so often that it is really annoying.

I LOVE peach Chobani Greek yogurt.

DiZneDiVa said...

Where are you in Central Florida? I live near Amy(Babbles of a Bandster) in Orlando... Click the link on my blog to facebook to leave me a message... hopefully I;ll get to meet you real soon. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at

Darlin1 said...

You are doing really well!

Oh by the way --I like to see what you are eating because it gives me new idea's.


Cindylew said...

So glad to read you again...missed you in Chicago cupcake.

Jenny said...

I love seeing what people eat, it gives me ideas-thanks for sharing!!

Justawallflower said...

I am new, and do appreciate all the tips, suggestions, and ideas that come with reading experienced banders blogs!

I also know what you mean about being so big you can't tell you've lost the weight! I lost 46 pounds last time I lost any significant amount of weight, and still couldn't tell! So glad you are seeing it, that is the motivation to keep you going!

Michelle said...

Great post! I like seeing or reading what people eat. Gives me ideas :)

TheCurvyCat said...

I love food posts! Getting new ideas really helps me a lot, especially with packed lunches and such. :) Thank you!

And yeah, I can relate to the "can't even tell" thing. I saw someone today that hasn't seen me in the last *60* pounds or so, and she only asked me if I was trying to lose weight when I said I didn't want to bring home any birthday cake. *sigh*