Days since surgery

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good God!!! Sasha is no joke!

Man oh man, my son and I went to the bookstore per our usual weekend ritual plus I was getting stir crazy...I know my doc said wait a week before driving but since I'm not on the narcotic and have a good range of movement I drove.
Anyhoo I order a unsweet tea (large out of habit) and started drinking, no straw as instructed, but I drank about a quarter of a cup, not real fast, but holy moly it felt like I was gonna burst, I felt super full, had to get up and walk around. I felt like I'd had a 12 course dinner and it lasted for hours not as bad but a full feeling. I have to focus on getting my protein in because I just can't drink a lot and especially my muscle milk I am going to try the isopure tomorrow and hopefully that helps. I have been subsisting on protein shake, tomato soup (a little, had to have it), apple juice, water, crush ice and today some gatorade.
I have this weird sensation sometimes when I guess I'm hungry but they are painful hunger pangs and I swear I feel rise from one part of my stomach to another, really weird. And often I still don't have the desire to eat anything, so I will sip on the protein shake just cuz. I pour my drinks into this tiny cup like the kind you measure meds in, they gave them to me in the hospital to help me learn to sip.
I have also been giving myself the blood thinner shots which my son is weirdly fascinated with. All and all today was a lot better. I went and got me some sugarfree popsicles, soup and other mushies since I start mushies Tuesday.
Well that's all I have to report on Sasha and I we are still getting acquainted but she says she has my back...we'll see!


-Grace- said...

There is definitely a learning curve!!!

Drazil said...

Take care of you my little buttercup!

Cindylew said...

Thanks for the update cupcake...sounds pretty standard so far.