Days since surgery

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What were supposed to be pre-lap band pics

Please excuse the messy roomy I am in the middle of purging. All is well with e me I am home recuperating after being release from hospital on Friday. Not a lot of pain I have the liquid Nortab and also have to give myself daily shots of blood thinner in the tummy just as I will have to do post lapband surgery. I have my followup visit with my surgeon on Tuesday and hopefully I can have the surgery by the end of the month. I don't want to rush my body but I am anxious to get all the surgeries behind me. I am not looking forward to doing the pre-op diet again but maybe I will lose another 20lbs to give me an extra headstart.
I want to thank everyone with your thoughtful comments and welcome any new followers, you guys are the BESTEST!


Genise said...

Glad your home and doing well. Keep us pre-banders posted on everything

JazzyRayne said...

Glad youre doing well. I think the worse part about waiting on the surgery, is doing the pre-op diet again. I hated it the 1st go around lol. But youre a strong woman, you can do it!