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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Facebook you're killing me..

I log onto facebook today and it says I've been tagged in a photo by an old friend of mine, well this friend is legendary on facebook because he apparently has an archive of old 80's photos of all his friends that he likes to post. Back in the 80's he was like the mayor of Tampa, everyone knew him and love him. Unfortunately alot of the late 90's and the start of the new millenium he spent in prison, well I guess time froze for him because now he posts "old school" embarassing photos of people daily we always laugh at the pics. I thought for sure I was safe because he has no old pics of me right? He is a little older than me and although I loved him to death from the neighborhood, we didn't exactly hang out together.
Boy was I wrong,today he posted a pic of me when I was 14(only know this because he dated it)with a jheri curl and everything now mind you I have no idea where this was taken, I don't know who the guy in the picture is and I don't remember ever owning these clothes.
*DISCLOSURE I promise that is not hair under my arm even if I never(i do) shave the hair under my arms is very fine and could never grow that thick.

I'm the girl on the right if you can't tell by the smile...apparently whereever I was I was happy someone wanted to take a pic of me. Also note I was kinda skinny but my head wasn't..I had the bobblehead thing going on and is my cousin wearing a glove on her hand? wow...gotta love the 80's.


Janice said...

Oh the 80's...Big hair always gives it away (that and shoulder pads:) You have the most gorgeous smile! Thanks for the step back in time.

-Grace- said...

You still look gorgeous!! Let's chalk up the jheri curl and fashion to the decade :)

Cindylew said...

Gorgeous smile...then and now.

Drazil said...

OMG - that is awesome. Love the glove....God I loved the 80s.

Stephanie said...

The 80's were awesome...Bad hair and even worse fashion for everyone. I love it! The stuff that gets posted online...dang! My friends make fun of my jungle print hammer pants/genie pants from 1990.