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Friday, June 18, 2010

No thank you

Nothing much going on here my body just seems to be on a quest to gain back the weight i lost on the pre-op diet, soooo I am going to be on a modified version of it starting this weekend and continue it until my next surgeons visit. It seems like coworkers are conspiring to make this weight gain happen (kidding. One of my coworkers brought me a still hot from the oven cinnamon something bagel from Panera Bread...delish! After eating it all I politely told her to never bring me another one. Then we have had 2 department meetings this week, on Tuesday I ordered a chicken salad sandwich couldn't eat the homemade potato bread that came on it and yesterday I had a delicious oyster po boy sandwich. I am getting a preview of what getting stuck will be like with the band because if I don't chew things enough it gets stuck in my esophagus even water if I gulp too fast. I see why my doc asked how was swallowing. Bread is gonna be an issue because even chewing it up I can feel it blow up in my esophagus and it hurts like crazy.
I have also noticed my energy level has dropped since I got off the pre-op diet, I think the low carb and high protein helped with my energy.
It's hard to read all the June Bandster stories on because that was supposed to be my group :( but all in due time. My appointment with the surgeon is on the 15th of July but I am thinking of trying to reschedule a week sooner because he said 4-5 weeks and the nurse scheduled it at 5 weeks. I am planning to go full steam pre-op diet 12 days before whatever the appointment ends up being so I can schedule the surgery as soon as possible after that and not have to wait to do the diet again.
All this scheming...I am just so ready to get started on this.

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Genise said...

Keep your head up. Things will work out for the best