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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First time stuck...check!

Well Saturday I took my bestie and my flirt buddy some Popeye's chicken on their lunch break.  So we are all sitting there chatting and laughing and I break off a little piece of biscuit. I popped said little piece of biscuit in my mouth and chewed a little but in the midst of running my darn mouth I swallowed it and as it was going down I'm thinking will it get stuck, but I said nah nothing gets stuck and the piece wasn't that big. But it sat there and I could feel it.  I didn't know if the legendary sliming would start so I asked quickly to be let in the building to get some ice and while inside and getting ice and pretending to be engaged in what was on tv I was stretching my hands above my head (a friend said it works) and kept swallowing I sipped a bit of water (tiny bit) and after a little while I felt it going down.  So no sliming and it didn't come back up, but I have learned my lesson (I think), less talking more chewing.

Saturday my son was spending the night at my ex's house, so although it was not in the budget I got me a hotel room and stayed there all by my lonesome.  I really needed to rest because I don't know if I have fully gotten into it here but I am temporarily staying at my mom's house, I am wating for my newly married sister to find a place and I am going to take over her place.  She has bargain rent for a great amount of space in an ideal location.  Having said that my son is on one couch and I am on another, my mom has two foster kids and they each have their own room but we sleep in the middle of the house and because I'm a light sleeper I don't feel like I am ever fully rested.  So I got a nice room and slept and watched t.v. I had planned to blog but it was my first time pulling out my laptop since my sister's wedding weekend and it looks like they left my power cord in the hotel room, I just ordered that cord and the housekeeping department won't call me back so I am going to have to pay them a visit.
Oh and some chick called the room I was staying in and when I answered there was a pause and she says "Obviously I got the wrong number" I was like okay and then she asked for someone Sheldon? or something like that I was like no you have the wrong number. 
Well after I took a nap and ran out to grab something to eat I was watching tv and heard a knock at the door, but no one knew where I was so at first I thought maybe it was next door.  Then they knocked again so I went and answer by looking through the peephole and it was a lady basically saying that she was the one that had called earlier and that she was looking for some dude and he had lost his phone and that this room was the last place she knew him to be.  I told her well he is not here (all this through the door) and she stood there for a while like she didn't believe me and then she finally says ok thanks but still seemed hesitant about leaving.  I said dang drama is following me and I don't even know these people.
On the weight front I am up about 4lbs from my lowest and fluctuating around 40lbs down, I am focusing on my eating again and I am tempted to go for another fill but I am going to give it another week or two and see what happens.

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