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Thursday, October 07, 2010

First fill....check!!

Tuesday I got my first fill and it was anticlimatic...which was a good thing.  I expected pain or something, but after going through questions with the wonderful Wendy, the great Dr. D. the most wonderful surgeon ever, came in and he and a new nurse teamed up for my fill.  I was wondering how he was gonna find the port under all this fluff, I really can't feel it, I think I can a little but not like those of you who start this journey half the weight I started at.
Anyway he asked me if I was feeling brave, I said not particularly, he laughed he did the lidocaine numbing thing which was a tiny sting. and then he played around until he got the fill done.  I drank the required cup of water with no problem and he told me that in as little as a week if I feel no change I could come back for another.  I know he gave me 3ccs but I am not sure what I started with or my band capacity, (I know its a size large) and I forgot to ask.  Everyone was quite pleased with my progress and I felt proud of myself.
Everyday this week they have been dumping crap (candy, cookies etc) on my desk at work and I would be lying if I said I didn't eat 2 starburst one day, a Reese's individual peanut butter cup the day after my fill (it seem like a mushy food)  and 4 of these sour strings today.  It is customer service week and why they are loading us on sugar to thank us for doing a good job (i don't deal with customers directly) is beyond me.  Reward me with non-edibles thank you very much.
Official weigh in tomorrow so let's see what customer service week has done to my hiney parts and this weekend is my sister's wedding and remind me to tell you guys about the bridezilla text from hell she sent to her bridal party causing one of the bridesmaid who was also the coordinator to drop out. Oy vey!
I will check in tomorrow and give you all an update!

Oh yeah Whole Fruit sorbet from Publix rocks!  It's naturally fat free but not sugar free and it is delish in moderation of course.

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Justawallflower said...

Very excited to hear about the wedding! Did you call in the bridevilla people? Get her on television? Anyway, hope all goes well and you are able to resist holiday temptation that is sure to follow customer service appreciation temptation!