Days since surgery

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Quick post because I should be in bed by now.  I was watching this show called Heavy that comes and A&E and this woman says that her one of main goals is to be able to run and play with her grandkids.  The nutritionist took them into a grocery store and had them look at some of the things they would normally pick up.  The woman said  "I've been choosing food over my grandkids" and I thought wow, how many things in my life have I put food above.  Just life in general when you get this big your weight interferes with everything, it dictates how you live your life completely.  I have robbed my son of many things in his childhood and I have missed out on so many things that I truly wanted to do, but I chose food instead.  The thought that I have chose food over my son that I love more than anything is the world makes me sad, but it also makes me motivated. It is not too late...and I am going to make this happen. I owe it to him and more importantly to myself.


amandakiska said...

Wow! That's quite an insight.

Pamela E. Williams said...

And you are right, it's not to late. This is a very thought provoking post.