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Thursday, March 17, 2011

When I need a lil something sweet

My sister works for A!r Canada and they serve (at least they use to, not sure now) these little cookies on their flights that I love.  They aren't too sweet but they are delish to me and most importantly I recognize everything on the short list of ingredients.  Well now that I'm trying to stop lying to myself and get my eating back on track with a more protein centered diet, I am trying to limit snacking.  Well, it is also that lovely time of the month where my craving for sweets is at it's peak.  Well W*lgreens the drug store sells these cookies and I knew they sold them in a pack of 32 but they also sell them where the cookies are pre-packaged in sets of 2 (built in portion control) so that's what I bought and they hit the spot when I need some sweetness. 2 cookies are 72 the words of Charlie Sheen...DUH...WINNING! I thought I'd share this Belgium made goodness with my friends!

P.S. I have really stepped my water game up big time, but if I have to keep going to the funky bathroom here it work that kinda takes away the pride I feel for getting my water in. This building is fairly new but apparently they didnt cap some sewer line under the building so the first floor women's bathroom has a distinct funk about it at all times.

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