Days since surgery

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vegetarian food review: Veggie Patch Meatballs get two snaps up

As you all know my son and I are doing this vegetarian and so far so good, I've lost the weight I had gained and a little more as of today, but official weigh in is not until Friday and considering this is the week of my cycle I pray I can stay down. 
Anyhoo, just wanted to say I tried these vegetarian meatballs, because my son is such a meat addict I have to succumb to the faux meat until we find more veggies he likes.  So I made him a meatball sub with marinara sauce on fresh hoagie roll, I had one too except couldn't eat a lot of the bread.  It was good and I must say if I hadn't known I was eating faux meat I wouldn't have guessed.  My son killed his so that's a good sign as Veggie Patch Meatless Meatballs gets two snaps up!!

p.s. my water intake sucks and thats one area I'm usually good with...gotta get that together too.

UPDATE *disclaimer, I found out that these meatballs have textured vegetable protein which may not be all that great...more on that later


Justawallflower said...

My daughter loved a lot of the faux meat! (just stay away from the hotdogs, I wouldn't feed them to a dog!!!) And they really are a good source of nutrients!

amandakiska said...

I've been a vegetarian since I was 19 (18 years now). I like the Morningstar Farms products. They have great chicken burger patties as well as chicken nuggets. Also the sausage patties and links are very good. I personally also like the bacon strips on a BLT.

There are a couple different brands of hot dogs that are good. The Morningstar Farms brand taste good, but they have a weird consistancy (kind of rubbery), but they are especially good in the corn dogs they make. I usually buy Tofu Pups hot dogs for camping and such.

Going veg is a great way to cut calories and chemicals from your diet. It is also better for the environment. Email me if you want some other meatless ideas. I tend to be kind of an unadventerous vegetarian (no weird stuff - lol) so I can probably suggest some things your son will tolerate.