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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fill number 3 is in the history books.

I got my 3rd fill yesterday and so far it seems that I actually have restriction, I won't speak too soon we will see in a couple of days.  The vegetarian thing is going pretty good so far, still having cheese and probably will for a while even though maybe once I get more acclimated I may transition to vegan. 
We have this restaurant called Evo's that offers properly raised beef hamburger as well as vegetarian and even vegan burgers, the fries there are airbaked and I took my son there because I'm proud that he stuck this out this week.  My son ate, slept, and breathed ground beef so this is more of a sacrifice for him and it's not like I'm making him do it, he is actually the reason I cut off meat cold turkey (no pun intended ha), the original plan was to transition. 
While at Evos, I observed that out of all the mom's that came in and out with their kids I was the only one above a size 2/4 and for those that actually sat in, none of them ordered their own food, they picked off their kids plate...I was like oh so starving is the key lol.
I promised pictures and they are coming the ones my son took are crappy and the lighting was bad so we are going to take some outside this weekend and I will post them.
Everyone have a good weekend, I think I may go see Unstoppable the new Denzel movie tomorrow, but I will keep you guys posted.

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Nella said...

this will definitely be your ticket to success!