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Friday, January 04, 2008

Back on board for 2008

I am back trying this again I have gained all my pre-WW weight back plus 14lbs, I am torn about going back to WW or trying to do it on my own with online support. I have been thinking about trying this clean eating approach which will work with the WW program and the meetings are the accountability I need. I need to lose at least 20lbs really fast to at least get under my pre-WW weight. My knees are hurting and the heel of one of my feet....I know it is due to the weight gain, I am too young to be limping around like an old woman.
I see these people on tv that become immobile due to weight and you think it's not possible but I can see how it can be possible.
I am committed to be a better person physically, mentally and more importantly spiritually this year...that's my committment not my resolution. I am looking to find my peace and will avoid people who take away from that. I am making plans to see a counselor because I have some old issues I need to learn to let go and that is always hard for me and I think that is reflected in my weight. I will keep you posted because I know this journaling is important for me to in this journey.

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