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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I thought this was cute...

I stole this from cycling chick site...You go to google and type in "your name needs", for example "Shermi needs" but since my real name brings nothing I used my nickname, "Mimi needs" and you list the responses that come up

1. Mimi needs home
2.Mimi needs to stop helping where it's not needed.
3. Mimi needs to accept what happened.
4. Aunt Mimi needs help!
5. Mimi needs to confide in Bonnie
6. Mimi needs to approach her husband not state Clair is his..
7. Mimi needs to know all the requirements, at a fairly detailed level
8. Mimi needs to move on and leave Shawn with Belle
9. Mimi needs to get off Belle's *** because at least Belle is being honest, something Mimi ... I think mimi needs to kick belle's @$$.. Belle makes me sick. ...
10. Seems Mimi needs her mommy's tits to recharge her backbone. ...
12. Mimi needs to find more things to do while her g/f is working her ass off to have a better life for them. Their relationship isn't healthy and I hope they ...

I guess I have some issues to work out (with my husband and my girlfriend...)

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