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Friday, June 02, 2006


Last week, I gained a pound and left the meeting with the resolve to get back on track with counting points etc, but no such thing happened. I ate what I felt was alot, I did start a new exercise dvd "Slim in 6" and boy after the first time I did it, I woke up crazy sore. But it must have made a difference because my eating was so horrible, when I went to weigh in on Tuesday, I just knew the gain was gonna be big, I felt bigger, I was expected like 5lbs+, I took my son and nephew to the meeting with me and told them to be prepared to slap me if I passed out. But to my surprise I only gained .2lbs which they said I could get rid of by going to the bathroom. You would think that grace would have gotten me in line.....but not so much.
Yesterday a friend brought me a breakfast bowl from Hardees, biscuit,sausage, egg smothered in sausage gravy. It was very good but with every bite I winced....I didn't eat it all but most of it then I looked up the nutritional info and it was 19.5 points.....HOLY COW! Then on top of it I had lo mein last nite. I suck!!!!
Today is a new day, I know I am PMSing but still. This is the first time since starting that I gained 2 weeks in a row...not trying for a third I need to be very strict this weekend. I have to regain focus and remember the big picture.
I have started to realize how much I use food for comfort, my boyfriend and I have been having some challenges and same thing with my family and think that is why my eating has been out of whack. I am trying to channel it into exercise.....pray for me.

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