Days since surgery

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Ooooh, look Nana a big one"

Can you believe this little kid sitting in a stroller said that about me....I truly felt like a freak of nature. It was enough to make the old me go and grab something sweet to eat...but I didn't, I just walked away fast because "Nana" was distracted and didn't know what the baby was pointing at. It is crazy because I almost fear innocent little ones now, they are just being honest.
But for some good news, yesterday I had to go to a Yankees game as a teambuilding exercise for my job. After parking the car we had a good little walk to actually get to the field and then when we got there, I looked up and there were all these steps to climb, well I was looking around for the elevator. But I climbed them and was proud, but if we'd done this in December I never would have made it, what a difference 2 months made. ...I want to thank Leslie Sansone (Walk Away the pounds dvd) for making this possible.

On top of all that at WI last nite I was down 4lbs.....damn if that wasnt a hallelujah day!

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